Camp Activities

The Camp was officially decleared open today 19th December 2014 by the Rivers Conference Overseer in his welcome

address. He admonished the members of the church to be of good conduct and also encouraged them to adhere strickly

to the camp meeting rules and regulations.


" You are a playground to the abstractic occultic element in the sky "

A wonderful man of God Pastor Abel Enwume in his ministration today Friday 19th December, 2014

captioned " Am I a believer or a true believer pointed out the charateristics of a true believer and a

church goer.

A believer only is the one whose name appears in the norminal role of the church. He never attends

mid-week prayer, sundown whorship, bible studies, house fellowship. And he is term as a church


Characteristics of a true believer is enumerated below:

1. He is rooted in the faith of the Church of God doctrines.

2. He embraces the holy Spirit and makes it his senior partner.

3. He prays in thy holy ghost.

4. Ask what to do at all time.

5. He lives in the realm of rigthousness .

6. He medidates every day and break all yokes.

7. He believes in everything written in the scripture.

8. He has the ability to control and subddue all deamons.

He concluded ther sermon by offering a congregational prayer of deliverance for the church.