From: Office of the Rivers Conference Overseer To: All Districts and branch churches Subject: Current Wedding Policy Dearly beloved,

Greeting in the sweet name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen. Following the approval by the Rivers State Government, granting the Church of God (Seventh Day) Nigeria, Rivers Conference the right to issue marriage certificates as conveyed in a letter dated 11 'h day ofApril 2018, I am directed to inform you as follows: 1. That all wedding intention(s) shall be subject to a twenty one (21)day publication in line with the marriage act which shall be pasted conspicuously at the venue of the wedding ceremony and the branch church of the Bride/Groom. This is specifically for couples who may wish to have marriage certificate. The form for publication is obtainable at the office of the Rivers Conference Overseer. 2. If at the expiration of the said twenty one (21) days, there is no encumbrance,objection wedding activities commences in earnest. 3. Prior to the publication, the minister in charge in consultation with the district ministerial chairman must give counsel to the marriage party with a view to ensuring a hitch free wedding ceremony, taking into consideration biblical standard. Including appropriate medical test as outlined in the church marriage guideline. 4. Being satisfied with the condition referred to above, the would be couple are now referred to the district marriage committee made up of brethren of proven integrity, duly married without blemish. It shall be the responsibility of the district overseer to appoint marriage committee acting on the advice of his ministerial council chairman. 5. The duties of the marriage committee shall include among others A. assisting the intended couple to achieve a hitch free wedding B. Planning of the programme/execution C. Dressing code etc. 6. Veiling shall only be in the absence of pregnancy.