As a minister of Jesus Christ called by God to proclaim the gospel and gifted by the Holy Spirit to pastor the church, I dedicate myself to conduct my ministry according to the ethical guidelines and principles set forth in this code of ethics, in order that my ministry be acceptable to God, my service be beneficial to the Christian community, and my life be a witness to the world .
                                                               MY PERSONAL CONDUCT 

1. I will maintain my physical and emotional health through regular exercise, good eating habits, and the proper care of m y body.

2. I will nurture my devotional life through a regular time of prayer, reading of the scriptures, and meditation.

3. I will strive to grow in my work through personal study, comprehensive reading and by attending seminars, workshops and growth conferences.

4. I will manage my time well by properly balancing personal obligations, church duties, and family responsibilities, and by observing a weekly day off  and an annual vocation.  

5. I will be honest and responsible in my finances by living within my income, paying all debts on time, never seeking special gratitude or privileges, giving generously to worthwhile causes and living a Christian lifestyle.

6. I will be truthful in my speech, never plagiarizing another's work, exaggerating the facts, misusing personal experiences, or communicating gossip.

7. As a sexual being, I will recognize the power that ministry gives me and refrain from practices which are harmful to others and which endanger my integrity or my professional effectiveness. Such practices includes sexual activity with any child or with an unwilling adult, with a counsellee, with the spouse or partner of a person in the congregation or with any other such exploitative relationship.

                                                    II RESPONSIBILITY TO FAMILY 

1. I will be fair to every member of my family, giving them the time, love, and consideration they need.

2. I will understand the unique role of my spouse, recognizing her primary responsibility" as marital partner and parent to the children and secondarily as church worker and assistant to the pastor.

3. I will regard my children as a gift from God and seek to meet their individuaL needs without imposing undue expectations upon them.

                                                III   RESPONSIBILITIES TO THE CONGREGATION

1. I will seek to be a servant-minister of the church by following the example of Christ in faith, love, faith, wisdom, courage and integrity.

2. I will faithfully discharge my time and energies as pastor, teacher, preacher and administrator through proper work habits and reasonable schedules.

3. In my administrative and pastoral duties, I will be impartial and fair to all members, so no one can truthfully say that I am pastor of only one group in the church.

4. In my preaching responsibilities I will give adequate time to prayer and preparation, so that my presentation will be biblically based, theologically correct and clearly communicated in love.

5. In my pastoral counselling, I will maintain strict confidentiality, except in cases where disclosure is necessary to prevent harm to persons and /or is required by law.

6. In my evangelistic responsibilities, I will seek to lead persons to salvation and church membership without manupilating converts, proselytizing members of other churches or demeaning other religious faiths.

7. In my visitation and counselling practices, I will never be alone with a person of the opposite sex unless another church member is present nearby.

8. I will not charge fees to church members for wedding or funerals; for non- members I will establish policies based on ministry opportunities, time constraints, and theological belief.

9. As a full-time minister, I will not accept any other remunerative work without the expressed consent of the church.

10. In leaving a congregation, I will seek to strengthen the church through proper timing, verbal affirmation, and an appropriate closure of my ministry.

                                                 I V RESPONSIBILITIES TO COLLEAGUES

1. I will endeavor to relate to all ministers, especially those with whom I saw in my church, as partners in the work of God, respecting their and cooperating with them.

                                                 PASTORAL COUNSELOR CODE 

1. I will have a confidant to whom I can turn for counseling and advice.

2. I will be aware of my own needs and vulnerabilities, never seeking to meet my own needs through my counsellees.

3. I will recognize the power I hold over counsellees and never take advantage of their vulnerability through exploitation or manipulation.

4. I will never become sexually or romantically involved with a client, or engage in an y form of erotic or romantic contact.

5. I will demonstrate unconditional acceptance and love toward all counselees, regardless of their standards, belie]; attitudes or actions.

6. If I am unable to benefit a client, I will refer him or her to another professional who can provide appropriate therapy.

7. I will keep confidential all matters discussed in a counselling setting, unless the information is hazardous for the client, for another person or is required by law.

8. I will maintain good relationships with other counsellors and therapists, informing and conferring with them about mutual concerns.

9. I will offer my assistance and service to fellow ministers and their families whenever needed.

10. I will support and contribute to the ministry of my church through personal counselling, seminars, lectures, workshops and group therapy.

11. I will seek to support the policies and beliefl; of my church without unduly imposing them upon any counsellee.

Adopted from:
Ministerial Ethics by Jo E. Trall and James E. Carter.