1. In the prediction of His death and resurrection, Jesus provided a sign that?

a. He will die and resurrect again.
b. He will rise from death the third day.
c. The sign of Jonah being in the belly of fish .
d. Brake the temple and rebuild it in three days.

2. Jesus called this Generation a name?

a. Generation of viper.
b. Wicked Generation.
c. Abraham generation.
d. Faithless generation.

3. What was Jonah’s encounter?

a. Going to Nineveh.
b. The dangerous wave of the red sea.
c. Being swallowed by fish.
d. Vomited in the town of Damascus.

4. How many days and nights did Jonah spent?

a. As long as the wave lasted.
b. Three days and three nights.
c. Seven days.
d. Four days.

5. Who called the belly of fish grave (Jonah 2:2,6)?

a. Jesus
b. The Bible.
c. Jonah.
d. The Apostles.

6. Why did Jesus use the sign of Jonah for his entombment?

a. He quoted the scriptures(Jonah 2:2,6).
b. He love Jonah.
c. He loved those swallowed by fish.
d. He want to include Nineveh in his preaching.

7. Three things consist of Jonah sign?

a. From the grave I called for help you answered me (jonah2:2,6).
b. He spent full three days and three nights in the belly of fish(1:17).
c. He emerge from the belly of fish alive(Jonah2:10,Mark 8:31).
d. All of the above

8. Who was Jonah?

a. A chief in Israel .
b. The Prophet of God.
c. Kings messenger in Nineveh.
d. An Israelite.

9. Why was the three days and three nights significant to Jesus entombment

a. The two events looks alike.
b. Jesus is a prophet like Jonah.
c. Jonah stayed three days and nights in belly of fish, Jesus stayed same in the heart of the ground.
d. All of the above.

10. Destroy this Temple and I will raise it in three days, means?

a. He would destroy the temple at Jerusalem and rebuild in three days.
b. He was referring to His own bodily temple.
c. He means killing all the Pharisees.
d. He was prophesying on the destruction of the temple.

11. The most important aspect of Jesus sign is?

a. His sacrificial death to save the whole world and resurrection.
b. Miracles.
c. Turning water into wine.
d. None of the above.

12. What qualify Jesus as the prophetic promised messiah?

a. His death.
b. His entombment for full three days and nights.
c. His resurrection.
d. all of the above.

13. In him we have redemption through his blood and forgiveness of sins, who said it(Eph. 1:7)?

a. Peter.
b. Paul.
c. Jesus.
d. John the revelator.

14. 14. The Son-ship of Jesus was declared and confirmed when (Rom. 1:4)?

a. By His resurrection.
b. On the cross.
c. At Baptism.
d. During the Transfiguration.