1. The length of time Jesus spent in the grave was important to?

a. To the Disciples .
b. To the first century church.
c. To the accusers.
d. To all of the above.

2. What significance does the gospel provide for Jesus disciples and accusers?

a. It gave him great joy of his resurrection.
b. His death troubled them.
c. His prediction of three days and three nights entombment.
d. Significance of His crucifixion.

3. What is the importance Jesus accuser attached to His statement (Matthew 27:62-64)?

a. That He would rise from death after three days.
b. They kept guard over the tomb.
c. That He is the son of God.
d. They prepare spices for His grave before Sabbath.

4. What did the Chief Priest and Pharisees went to do the next after His crucifixion and burial?

a. To request placing guards at the tomb.
b. That no one comes and steal the body of Jesus by night.
c. That no one claims He has risen from death.
d. All of the above.

5. What was the content of the petition against Pilate?

a. He (Jesus) claimed that he will turn water into wine.
b. That he is the son of God.
c. He claimed of rising from death after three days and three nights.
d. He will deliver the Jew from the hands of Roman rulers.

6. Because of the Petition ?

a. Jesus was crucified.
b. Order was given to place guards for three day and nights .
c. Jesus was buried before sunset towards the high day Sabbath.
d. He was given vinegar to drink .

7. After three days I will rise again, who quoted Jesus exactly?

a. Pilate.
b. Jewish leaders.
c. Roman soldiers.
d. The disciples of Jesus Christ.

8. Who first gave the report of Jesus resurrection?

a. The guards.
b. Jesus disciples.
c. Pilate.
d. None of the above.

9. Who gave bribe to testify that Jesus body was stolen by the disciples by night (Matthew 28:11-15)?

a. The Disciples.
b. Roman soldiers.
c. The Jewish leaders.
d. None of the above.

10. What was the account of the two disciples going from Jerusalem to Emmaus

a. Jesus was a mighty Prophet of God.
b. The chief priest and our rulers condemned him to death.
c. He will redeem Israel and today is the third day since these were done .
d. All of the above.

11. "Beside all this, today is the third day since all this things were done" attest to?

a. That Jesus actually spent three days.
b. The two disciples acknowledge that Jesus is Lord.
c. Was just a jesting.
d. Love counting the days Jesus spent in the grave.

12. The two disciples going to Emmaus was disappointed because?

a. They feel His death has disrupted the redemption of Israel as the messiah.
b. They killed Him without cause.
c. He suffered much before His death.
d. Because Jesus has not resurrected.

13. They made mockery of the resurrection by saying?

a. Some of our woman amazed us.
b. They went to the tomb early this morning but didn’t find the body.
c. They saw a vision of Christ who said He is alive.
d. All of the above .

14. How many people attested to the prediction of Jesus three days and three nights entombment (Acts 10:39-40,1 Corinthians 15:3,4,Luke 11;29,30, Matthew 12;40)?

a. The Jewish leaders.
b. The Angels.
c. The disciples, the two disciples to Emmaus, Peter and Paul, first century church.
d. all of the above.