1. What interpreted the terms of three days and three as an idiom or precise word?

a. The parable of braking the temple and rebuild in three day.
b. The Friday crucifixion.
c. The comparative sign of Jonah in the belly of fish as to Christ in the heart of the earth.
d. The words of thieves on the cross.

2. What is an idiom

a. A proverb.
b. A figure of speech-an expression.
c. A metaphoric term.
d. A way of making joke. .

3. Making the three days and three night’s entombment word as an idiom is to?

a. Interpret the word properly.
b. Differentiate the words and give it the correct meaning.
c. Explain the meaning because every word of Christ have prophetic interpretation.
d. Explain the shortfall of the time in a Friday afternoon burial and a Sunday resurrection .

4. If the phrase three days and three nights were an idiom , it would not require entombment to be?

a. to necessary.
b. on the day of Pentecost.
c. on the high day annual Sabbath.
d. for three complete nights and three complete days.

5. The idea of making The precise word of Three nights and three days an idiom is ?

a. to make Friday crucifixion and Sunday resurrection count.
b. to confirm that Jesus words prophetic meaning.
c. to really interpret the words of the translators.
d. to make the word meaningless.

6. What did Jesus mean concerning His spoken words as in (Matthew 5;17,18)?

a. he was only speaking of the law only.
b. that those words have connection with His crucifixion and resurrection.
c. not one smallest letter of His word would until all be fulfilled.
d. he was not really serious of three days and three nights matter.

7. Matthew 12;40 confirms that?

a. the word ‘’third day’’ as they walk together towards Emmaus.
b. Jesus actually rise from death.
c. The two disciples identify Jesus as they walk along to Emmaus.
d. They thought the golden image was a good idea. .

8. What were the words of two men and Angels to the women who visited the empty tomb( Luke 24;5-8,23?

a. Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here, he is risen! Remember how He told you.
b. While He was still with you in Galilee, the son of man must be delivered into the hands of.
c. sinful men, be crucified and on third day be raised again .
d. all of the above.

9. In each of the Gospel account of Jesus death and resurrection one word is inseparable

a. parables of Jesus.
b. The attitudes of the Pharisees.
c. third day.
d. the Angels and Mary at the tomb.

10. Who took the teaching of the three nights and three days entombment seriously?

a. the early church as part of its witness to the gospel.
b. the Jewish leaders.
c. the disciples on the way to Emmaus.
d. the apostle Peter.

11. The lesson of this chapter is concentrated on

a. The term three days and three nights not an idiom but précised word of christ.
b. A crowd of angels.
c. The three men turned to birds.
d. The three men burned to death .

12. What did Apostle Paul said in ( 1 Corinthians 15;3,4)?

a. That Christ dead and was buried according to the scripture and raised on third day.
b. That Jesus is Lord.
c. That Jesus will save the people of Corinthians.
d. That Paul is the apostle of the gentiles.

13. The jews could not believed that Jesus resurrected because?

a. they see him as a false prophet.
b. the Jewish leaders bribe the soldiers not to tell the truth.
c. the woman was afraid of being killed.
d. of law of Moses.

14. Conclusively?

a. Jesus spend three nights and three days as he predicted.
b. the term three days and three nights is not an idiom but précise words of Christ.
c. His words must surely come to pass as he predicted.
d. all of the above.