1. What was the chronology event that surrounded Jesus crucifixion?

a. The weekly Sabbath.
b. The preparation for an annual High Sabbath /Passover.
c. The feast of Pentecost.
d. King Herod birthday.

2. What was the event surrounding the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

a. The feast Passover.
b. The annual Sabbath.
c. The release of Barabas the thief.
d. The weekly Sabbath.

3. Which gospel gave the explicit account of Jesus crucifixion time?

a. Luke.
b. John.
c. Acts.
d. 1 and 2 Corinthians.

4. At which hour did John’s account gave when Christ was buried?

a. 6th hour.
b. 9th hour.
c. 3rd hour.
d. 12th hour.

5. The Jewish cried with a loud voice to Pilate ?

a. All hail Jesus.
b. King of Glory.
c. Son of Mary welcome.
d. Away with him, crucify him.

6. Jesus was crucified in the place of skull meaning?

a. The city of David.
b. Golgotha.
c. Judas.
d. Place of crucifixion.

7. The word preparation is used in six text in the gospel all referring to?

a. Day of rest.
b. The Israel to captivity.
c. The day of festival.
d. The day of Jesus crucifixion.

8. The word preparation is translated from which word?

a. Hebrew .
b. Italian.
c. Greek.
d. China.

9. What is the word?

a. paraskeue.
b. pracetamal.
c. parastamidol.
d. parastinmoko.

10. The common meaning of the Greek word is generally referred to preparation which is ?

a. High day preparation.
b. Friday preparation.
c. Festival preparation.
d. New moon preparation.

11. The term paraskeue was also used in reference to the day preceding ?

a. All preparation.
b. any annual Sabbaths of the Jew.
c. all gathering.
d. Any gathering of the Jew.

12. John 19:14 describes?

a. The Love of God for all men .
b. The crucifixion as on the day of preparation for the Passover .
c. The day all the disciples gathered together.
d. The day for the feast of trumpet.

13. What is the difference between the Annual Sabbath and the weekly Sabbath?

a. Annual Sabbath takes place once a year before the feast of Passover and unleavened bread.
b. Weekly Sabbath is the one observed once a week as in the ten commandments.
c. Options A and B.
d. Only A.

14. Two feast were observed while Christ was already in the grave ?

a. Annual high day Sabbath of the feast of Passover and unleavened bread.
b. Weekly Sabbath.
c. Feast of Tabernacles.
d. Options A and B.