LESSON 2: Where will You Go after Death

State Of The Dead Lessons

Does science Have the Answer?

Does Science Have the Answer? Is man an immortal soul in a material body? What does science have to say about it? Absolutely nothing to support the concept! Science simply has no evidence for the existence of an immortal soul. Science deals only with physical, material substances and behavior —physical matter and energy. Modern science is limited entirely to the MATERIAL world that can be weighed and measured — to that which can be perceived by the five senses.
The spiritual is completely outside the realm of physical science and is therefore not subject to the “scientific method.” Science cannot measure — hence cannot reveal — any life apart from matter. And so all that man can know (apart from divine revelation) is material. But  what science has learned can nevertheless help  immensely in understanding the composition. of man. Science has discovered that all living matter, in its simplest form, is protoplasm — a sub- stance which composes the “living stuff” of the cells of both plants and animals, as Well as man.
This much also is definitely known: Individuals who died on the operating table and were then quickly revived through direct heart massage or other means, remembered absolutely nothing about the intervening time! They “went” nowhere! They were simply unconscious. They merely reawakened on the operating table as if they had been sleeping soundly. But since brain deterioration occurs very rapidly, if too many minutes elapse the person becomes deprived of some of his thought, reasoning and memory faculties. These facts would surely indicate that an “immortal soul,” if there is one, is completely unable to think, remember or reason apart from the body!. Science, therefore, tells us that it has no evidence of an “immortal soul” in man. Even the experience of people on the operating table who “died” temporarily provides no evidence of an immortal soul. Where, then, can we find reliable evidence one Way or the other?

What IS Man?

The Bible is the FOUNDATION of knowledge. In it the Creator God has revealed much knowledge that is totally beyond man’s capability to discover for himself — including the knowledge and understanding of what man is, as well as what he is to be. Let’s not assume. Let’s look into the Bible to see what man really is.
  1. What did Jesus Christ say man is composed of? John 3:6, first part. And is that which is “born of spirit” of a totally difierent composition‘? Same verse.
NOTE:  Man is composed of flesh-of protoplasm. Jesus plainly says that if one is born of (and therefore composed of) flesh, he cannot also at the same time be born of (com- posed of) spirit. He must be one or the other! So this verse alone is strong evidence that man is not an immortal spiritual “soul” in a body of mortal flesh. But let’s continue.
  1. Was the Apostle Paul an immortal soul clothed with a body of flesh - or did he speak of himself and his flesh as being synonymous? Rom. 7:18.
NOTE:  Paul did not distinguish between himself and his flesh in this verse. He indicated they were one and the same. (We will deal with some of Paul’s other statements later.) Although these verses do not conclusively prove man has no immortal soul, they certainly should open one’s mind to the possibility that such does not exist!
In order to understand whether man has an immortal soul. let’s go back to Creation—the time when the first man was formed—to see exactly what happened.

The Creation of Man

God created the first man. And He tells us what He made him from so there would be no doubt as to what We really are. Here is that account as revealed in the Bible: 1. Out of what did God form man? Gen. 2:7. Notice that it was the man — not only the body ——that was formed.  2. Was it the whole man — “thou” — that was composed of dust? Gen. 3:19.
NOTE: Adam was made from and therefore composed of earth! 3. What would eventually happen to the conscious man? Gen. 3:19, last part.
 4. After God had formed the man and made every cell in his body, What did He do to give him life? Gen. 2:7.
 NOTE: God blew air — “the breath of life” containing oxygen—into the man’s lungs through the nostrils, and the man began to live! The verse does not say that God breathed an immortal soul into the man.
5. Is the “breath of life” the same thing which passes through the nostrils of animals? Gen. 7:21-22. Is it therefore the breath of life that is cut off when a human being or an animal drowns? Verse 23. Then the source of life in man and all animals is the same, isn’t it‘?
NOTE:  If the “breath of life” even remotely meant that man has an immortal soul, then so do animals, birds and even insects— gnats, fleas, mosquitoes, etc.!