1.The teaching of the doctrine of immortality of the soul came from?

a. the old testament teachings.
b. Jewish traditions.
c. the Apostle Paul principles.
d. pagan Egyptians and Greek philosophies.

2.Death is merely separation of body and soul is a question from?

b.the Bible
c.the Koran
d.Benjamin Franklin

3.Where did Origen the Catholic teacher joined the teaching of immortality?

a.At Italy.
b.Alexandria Egypt

4.What was His write up?

a.Souls are immortal and God Himself is eternal
b.That Mary mother of Jesus still live
c.That spiritual body can join the soul any time
d.Souls can move during sleep

5. . . . travel to Egypt and consulted the Egyptians on this teaching and impacted it to Plato?


6.Aristotle perpetuated the theory of soul immortality, then the poet Virgil in the year?

b.325 A.D
c.18-20 A.D
d.70-19 B.C

7. . . . popularized the teaching of soul immortality to the Roman world?


8. Justin accepted the immortality teaching and started teaching them in Catholic church in the year?

a.170 A.D
b.150 A.D.
c.33 A. D
d.160 A.D.

9. Finally this teaching was imposed by force by Protestant Reformers of Lutheran council of 1513 A.D as a decree, confirmed by Pope Clement V, with the punishment of?

b.beheading and burning by fire
c.been celebrated for not teaching it
d. been shunned and declared none teaching as Heretic with severe punishment

10. Thomas Aquinas stamped it as a catholic doctrine within the years?

a. 1225-1278 A.D
b. 1225-1228 A.D
c. 1225-1274 A.D
d.1225-1275 A.D

11. Who was first protestant reformer that never supported the teaching of soul immortality?

a.Martin Luther
b.Pope John Paul
c.Pope Henry
d.Martin Luther junior

12. Which year did He made this teaching?

a. About 1522 A.D
b. About 1525 A.D.
c.About 1523 A.D
d. About 1500 A.D

13. What did Apostle warn in (Col.2:8)?

a.As an Apostle of the Gentile world, we can bring Egyptians teachings to Jewish/Christ teachings
b.It is better we mix philosophy with Bible teachings to make it rich
c. Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men, after rudiments …fundamental concepts of the world and not after Christ.
d.Bible supports the teaching of immortality

14. From this introduction lesson we can conclude that?

a. The teaching of Soul immortality is true.
b. The teaching of soul immortality came from mixing Egyptians, Babylonian and philosophies to the word of God
c. Is better to adhere to the teaching of the Philosophers
d. For better understanding of the Bible, Egyptians writings and philosophers teachings are very necessary.