1. Science deals meanly on?

a. crude oil
b.Physical, materials substances and behavior _matters , energy, weigh and measures to which is perceived by the five senses
c. solar system.
d.none of the above

2. What is completely differently from the science?

a. spiritual knowledge
b.The study of men in the space
c.the study of Gaseous energy .
d. The study of energy

3. Is Man a living thing, If yes why?

a.Man is the head of the Home
b.Man is created by God
c. Man has protoplasm ,living cells.
d.Every Man posses male organ.

4. Are all living things subject to die and decay?

a.Man cannot die since he has immortal body
b.Science proved that, hence cells and protoplasm can die
c. Man among living things may not die
d. none of the above

5. How was Man formed (Gen. 2:7)?

a.From Apes
b. Through scientific research.
c. from the mother’s womb.
d. From the dust of the earth

6. What is Man?

a. A being composed of mortal body, having a breath of life that makes him a living soul.
b.A spirit
c. A being having body and soul and spirit that makes him immortal.
d. Is a male child born by woman

7. Was the first Man conscious after he was made (Gen. 2:6-8)?

a.He knew that he is being form hence he is a spirit and immortal like his maker .
b. He knew and asked God to form him in his likeness.
c.He was not conscious until God breathed in his nose the air, which is the breath of life .
d. All of the above

8. What did God breathed into what He has moulded from the dust of the earth?

a.Angelic life
b. Immortal
c. Spirits
d. Air or Oxygen

9. Man has flesh and blood after the breath of life was given by God, What are the compositions of that?

a. The spirit and souls
b. oxygen, living cells, blood, water .
c. immortality
d. Soul and body.

10. (John 3:6) specifically means that?

a. He that is born of spirit is spirit, He that is born of flesh is flesh.
b. He was referring to immortality of the body
c. He means born into immortality.
d. He was prophesying.

11. Does spirits die, when shall we attain immortality?

a. Yes they do die,His was not referring to this pyshical body
b. Yes, spirits die, we pray die by fire and kill them in Jesus name
c. They do not die, At resurrection man shall attain immortality ( spirits beings), just as Christ attained when He resurrected from death.
d. None of the above.

12. What qualify man a living thing,and if it is removed man turns what?

a. His power to overcome sin, He turns to spiritual man .
b. His blood, he turns to Apes and spirits
c. His spirit, he turns immortal
d. breath of life, man turns back to the mould from dust of the earth

13. If God breathed the breath of life into man and He became a living soul, what Differentiated God and Man?

a. Man is Mortal and God is a spirit.
b. No different because they are created in His image
c.God is in heaven and Man on earth
d. God is in heaven and Man on earth

14. What can we conclude in this chapter?

a. Is talking how man attained immortality as God breathed into his nose
b. Is talking how man attained immortality as God breathed into his nose
c. Is based on what and how man was made, and confirm that man has cells liable to perish.
d. none of the above.