1. And God breathed into the Man the breath of Life , Man became a living Soul, Can as well mean that?

a. God created man in his own image.
b. the soul of man can never die.
c. When God had not breathed the breath of life man was a dead soul.
d. all of the above.

2. The original word soul was gotten from which word, meaning?

a. Hebrew word, nephesh meaning breath (anything that breaths)
b. Greek word, nephesh meaning immortality
c. Roman word nephesh meaning in Gods image
d. Latin word nephesh meaning God the Father and Son.

3. The word nephesh was also translated to mean?

a. immortality.
b. breath of spirit
c. creation of man.
d. creatures, animals ,dead body

4. Compare these verses of the bible,(lev.19:28,21:1;22:4;Num. 5:2;6:11;9:6,7,10)referring the soul as?

a. a man.
b. a dead body, the dead
c. a living thing.
d. immortal being

5. Can a soul die with reference to (Ezek.18:4)?

a. All soul are immortal.
b. souls can always separate from the body.
c. Souls can die.
d. none of the above.

6. Was the soul of Adam separated at death? Did Adam the first Man die?(Gen.2:17)

a. Adam did not die, now he is immortal
b. Yes he died and returned back to the dust he was made from .
c. Only his spirit was separated, his body was hidden some where
d. no, alive forever.

7. What one thing befalls to both Animals and Humans?(Eccl. 3:19-20)?

a. death
b. eating.
c. fighting each other
d. bearing childrens.

8. Do they alike go to the same place, where ?

a. no, animals go to belly for food.
b. no, same are transformed to spirit beings.
c. nothing happens to them at all
d. yes, the dust where they were created from

9. In whose hand is the soul and breath of life of everything from (Job 12:10)?

a. the blood in man.
b. the spirit in man
c. God who gave it
d. the cells.

10. What is the life of a man?

a. When he breaths in oxygen(breath of life) through his nose to his blood vessels from the lungs though out the body cells, possessing about 60 million cells depending on blood and air.
b. when he accepts Jesus
c. when he confesses his sins He becomes born again.
d. an immortal being.

11. What works with the air to make human live (lev.17:11,14; Deut.12:23)?

a. The spirit.
b. The blood
c. water.
d. the immortal beings in man

12. Did Jesus Christ, the Begotten son of God have a mortal body subject to death(Isa.53:10,12)?

a. God can not allow death to occur in his son, since he owns immortality as a spirit being.
b. He only poured His blood and as a spirit he is immortal.
c.He did not really die as the son of God
d.Jesus died and poured out his blood for our sin and stop breathing as a mortal man

13. What is the state of the dead(Eccl.9:5)?

a.when one travels to the spirit word
b.when one becomes lifeless, unconscious because of the mortal soul, stops breathing .
c. when the spirit in man leaves the body .
d. All of the above .

14. Is there any remembrance of anytime at death, does the dead praise God(psalm 115:17)?

a. The dead can not praise God.
b. the dead can not remember ant thing.
c. they are subject to decay, just as God could not spare his son, he has to die before attaining immortality.
d. all of the above.