1. Where Animals created in God’s Image(Gen. 1:26-27)?

a. They were created each according to its kind.
b. Just as man, they were created from dust.
c. They were created from water.
d. They were created in God’s beauty

2. In creation What is the difference between Animals and Man

a. They are all the same possessing blood.
b. They have little difference by appearance.
c. created in the image and likeness of God, same mind set with instinct.
d. God created them different days.

3. The attribute of mind and character made Man …………creation?

a.in the image of God.
b. God’s unique physical.
c. immortal as God.

4. What does (1 corinth.2:9-14) says about spirits

a. That God is a Spirit.
b. Holy spirit is given to God’s children.
c. It shows that the spirit in man makes Him immortal.
d. It differentiate between the spirit of man and the spirit of God.

5. Does the spirit in Man make Him immortal, How does it work?

a. it is something that is in man, joined with the physical brain of the man.
b. gotten from the breath of life which forms the instinct of choice.
c. this spirit is not immortal.
d. all of the above.

6. What is the BIG LIE, what did Satan tell Eve(Gen.3:4)?

a.marry his husband Adam.
b. that the garden is very beautiful.
c.Ye shall not surely die.
d. the fruit is very fine

7. What happened when they eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil?

a. they were reminded that they came from dust .
b. they will also retuned to dust at death.
c. They understand that they were naked .
d. all of the above.

8. Being created in the Image of God means(1 Timothy 6:15-16)?

a.Only God is immortal.
b.God is a spirit and can not die like mortals.
c. A & B.
d. all of the above.

9. When only can man attain immortality (1 corinth.15:53)

a. at birth.
b.at baptism of Holy spirit.
c. at resurrection.
d. at Pentecost

10. Animals?

a. are connected to their existence.
b. have the ability to think and make decisions.
c. follow instinctive habit pattern programmed into their brains by God.
d. can create, devise, plan ahead and do things as man.

11. Man has the unique power of intellect

a.are due to a nonphysical component in the human brain.
b. are impossible to understand.
c. are due to instinct.
d. evolved over millions of ages.

12. What is the spirit in man?

a. an immortal soul.
b.A spiritual element from God that impacts the power of intellect to the brain.
c. the Holy spirit.
d.The Holy Ghost.

13. The spirit in Man

a. join with the physical brain of man to form the human mind.
b. has consciousness of its self-it hears think of its self.
c. is the man.
d. impartial animal.

14. What happens to the spirit in man when a person dies?

a. it disintegrates.
b. it floats around the space.
c. it just join other person’s brain at birth.
d. it goes back to God and is preserved like a recording or mold to be used in restoring the whole man at his resurrection.