1. Who is ultimately responsible for hiding the truth about the spirit in man from the world? ?

a.Satan the Devil.
b.Greek Philosophers.
c. Professing Christianity.
d. Protestant reformers

2. Satan?

a. Told Eve that she will die if she disobey God.
b. Told the truth when he said would not die by taking the forbidding fruit.
c. Implied Eve had eternal life within herself-that she had an ‘’immortal soul’’ that would live forever.
d. in no way implied God was lying to Eve.

3. Satan immortal soul concept is a counterfeit of the?

a.Holy spirit
b. spirit in man.
c.breath of life.

4. Immortality is?

a. not inherited in man.
b.inherited in man.
c.what a true Christian looks forward to receiving at the resurrection
d. all of the above.

5. Why are the dead described in the Bible as being asleep??

a. Because they actually are asleep.
b. Because death, like sleep is a condition in which people are not conscious, and from which they will be awakened at the resurrection.
c. because their souls are separated from their bodies.
d. Because death is like a bad dream or night mare.

6. The expression body, soul and spirit found in 1Thessalonian 5:23?

a.proves that man is an immortal soul.
b. is clearly redundant phraseology
c.cannot be clearly understood.
d.refers to the flesh, the life and the mind of man.

7. What did Apostle Paul expect to receive from Christ when He comes(11 Timothy.4:6-8)?

a. New dress.
b.resurrection into Immortality of the body.
d. praise and worship.

8. When Christ returns will He bring His reward with, what is the reward(Rev.22:12, 1 Corinth.15:52)?

a. Goes straight to stay with Christ at death .
b. Already have immortal soul.
c. Resurrection into damnation.
d. Resurrection from dead and put on incorruptible (immortal) body .

9. According to the Bible, where Is the life of Animals and Man found (Lev.17:11,14) ?

a. In the spirit.
b. In the body.
c. In the blood stream.
d. In the head.

10. Does all the saints including Christ have mortal body subject to perish?

a.Yes, .
b. No.
c.Once you are a saint you possess immortality.
d. Not necessary.

11. When will the saints receive immortality?

a.During baptism by Fire.
b. once you have the Holy spirit
c.already have immortality.
d. At the resurrection morning when Christ shall come.

12. When did Christ receive His immortality( incorruptible body)?

a. Already have immortality as the son of God.
b.He is a spirit .
c. Immediately He resurrected from death.
d.At the second coming of Christ.

13. Conclusively?

a.Man is a mortal being.
b. Man became a living soul immediately God breathed into his nose trine
c.Immortality will be gotten at the second coming of Christ.
d.All of the above

14. What is the hope of all mortal Men towards immortality?

a. When Christ shall come, mortality shall put on immortality.
b. Have the Holy spirit and become immortal.
c.To be transformed to the space.
d.To meet Christ in Heaven immediately after death.