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                                                                          Listen and Follow

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons

of God (Romans 8:14, KJV throughout).


Scripture Reading: Luke 5:1-ll

Objective: to learn to live on purpose by following the Spirit's leading. Introduction: In Luke 5 we read about Jesus calling the first disciples. They were fishermen, and from their boat Jesus taught a crowd. Afterward, He instructed them to cast their nets, and they caught a miraculous number of fish. Then Jesus said, “Follow me, and l will make you fishers of men" (Matthew 4:19). They left everything and followed Jesus.

Wouldn't it have been great to be there? Or maybe not. Would we have had the courage to leave everything and follow Jesus? Or would we have turned down Jesus’ offer? Perhaps it was better we weren't there.

 lt’s been said that luck is really preparation meeting opportunity. We must be ready to recognize opportunities and seize them before they pass us by. These disciples recognized the moment, and they acted: They followed Jesus. But Jesus also called others who chose not to follow (Luke 9:59-62). Why did they make excuses instead? Imagine their regret.

Sometimes we have to miss an opportunity before we learn to value what we lost. Then we commit ourselves to not making the same mistake again. So how do we avoid such mistakes in the future? First, we need to recognize that opportunities aren't random events. Romans 8:28 35  says, "All things work together for good to them that love God." God provides each of us with opportunities every day. They aren't random.

 Second, if God gives us opportunities daily, why do we see them so infrequently? Often we're so self-absorbed with everything we have to do (catching fish, in the disciples’ case) that we don't see the needs of those around us. We think of someone we should call, but we don't. We remember a ministry opportunity and think, Maybe next time. How many of these thoughts are actually opportunities sent from God's Spirit?

Do we realize that we have the same opportunity to follow Jesus that Peter, Andrew, James, and John had? Jesus is alive, and His Spirit is with us today. How many times has He said to us, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men" — the Great Commission? But we didn't make that call; we didn't visit that friend. instead we said, "Not today." We can easily misinterpret opportunities as inconveniences if we aren't careful.

 In John 1O:27 Jesus says, "My sheep hear my voice, and l know them, and they follow me."Jesus hasn't given up on us. He still asks us to follow Him and gives us opportunities to do so. It's not too late. It's our responsibility to listen to His voice and follow Him. We want to live a life of joy in Him, not one of regret. We make that choice every day.

Our choice reflects our true values. Do we value His presence in us, leading and guiding us, or do we value the freedom to do whatever we want to do? The first is a life filled with purpose; the second is devoid of significance. Only God can infuse a life with meaning. That meaning is found in Christ and sharing Him with others. Listen. Follow. And He will make you fishers of men.

 Questions for Study and Discussion

1 What does Romans 8:14 say about our identity and how we know it? in what ways does being led by the Spirit involve listening and following?


2 Read Luke 5:1-1 1. Point out the ways we see the authority of Jesus' word manifested and the reaction of those hearing it. 


3 Put yourself in the story of Luke 5:1 -l 1. What woud you have done, and why? How did Peter react to the miracle, and wine: does that mean for us?


4 What were the excuses people gave Jesus for not following Him? Luke 9:59-62. Do they sound practical? Put yourself in their place. What would you have done?


 5 Jesus says His sheep know His voice (john l0:27). How do they? What kind of a relationship is needed to recognize the Shepherd's voice? Verses 1-27.


Conclusion: Following Jesus is a choice we make every day. But we have to listen to hear His call, His leading. Our choices are governed by our values. To make the right choices, we must have the right values. Listening to God forms those values. As we value Jesus and what He values, we'll recognize His leading and choose rightly as God gives us opportunities to follow Him and do His work.

Apply This Week

‘ Be extra attentive to the leading of the Spirit, and discern the voice of Jesus as He calls you through particular opportunities each day. intentionally follow the leading of His voice, and document the results. 

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You can dowload the offline copy of the lesson here below;


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Reply to #1 @admin :

The spirit can only lead us if we allow Him to push us to the junction where opportunity meets with preparation.

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Nice. First, We have to make ourselves available for the spirit to dwell in us. The spirit can't dwell in a sinful body.

Quest: Would you love to stain your adorable shirt? And: NO

Quest: what if you mistakenly do so what do you do? Ans: you'll try to wash it out.

no matter that we Make mistakes, take chances, be silly, be imperfect, etc. God has paid the price for us to be forgiven. He keeps washing that adorable shirt hoping it will be clean for it to be used one day. If the stain goes away the spirit will talk to us and we can follow. You have to listen before you follow.

By the way I love this platform

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